Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Price Of The EpiPen

This is a topic that I have been on top of, but have not shared here.  Getting the boys ready for back to school just didn't allow me to devote the amount of time to this topic that it deserves.  Unless of course you are one of my non-allergy Facebook friends, then you're probably wishing I'd shut up about it.  Sadly, for them, that is not going to happen.

I'm concerned about the increased price of the EpiPen.  It has been going up steadily the last several years and took a giant leap this past year.  The price has increased from $57.00 (I believe that's the price for 1 pen) to $600+ for a two pack.  Insurance companies are doing away with their low deductible plans because the cost of Obamacare is too high for them and they are passing along those costs to the consumers (I can speak of this as knowledge because we are being told that this is exactly what is happening to our current plan at the beginning of 2017).  So people who had low deductibles are now faced with a deductible of several thousand dollars.  That means that until the deductible is met, the insured is responsible for all health care costs including that $600+ bill for the EpiPen.  And all people who have a prescription are encouraged to have more than one 2 pack on hand.  We have 5 two packs.  One is at the school nurse, 1 is on my son, 1 is in my purse, 1 stays and home, and my husband carries one when he has my son at scouts or at sports.  Many people can not afford to pay these high prices so they are starting to go without.  Without the EpiPen that is.  Or in the case of some people, without food or clothing because they can not afford both.  None of these options are ok!  People should not have to put their health at risk because life saving medication, that has not changed in 20 years, has increase drastically in price.

This is not new.  Elderly have been dealing with this for years.  They go without medication.  They cut pills in half.  It's sad.  THIS is the health care reform I was hoping for, but it only seems to have gotten worse.

I'm no expert on all of this.  But I will share all of the articles and posts that I have been reading and you can come to your conclusion.  And if you want up to date, accurate information, please follow Robyn O'Brien on Facebook.  She is all over this and even started the hashtag #epigate

Bloomburg: Mylan Top Earnings Estimates, Maintains Full Year Forecast

CNBC: Pro- Heather Bresch Made A Big Mistake

CNBC: Mylan's Heather Bresch says no one is more frustrated than her

Fortune: Why Wall Street loves to hate Mylan's CEO

US Uncut: Pharma CEO gave herself $18 million dollar raise after hiking price of EpiPen

NBC News: More on the Mylan Execs raises

GMA: Outrage over EpiPen price hike

Mylan: Mylan taking immediate action to increase access to EpiPen

NYTimes: How parents harness the power of social media to challenge EpiPen prices

Yahoo Finance: Mylan says it cut the price of EpiPen in half, but here's the fine print

Stat News: Mylan may have violated anti trust laws in it's EpiPen sales to schools  (I'm no expert in law so I have no knowledge on how this would work or if it's true)

Forbes: Has EpiPen price gouger Mylan silenced allergy advocacy groups? Parents share price points and sticker shock

STAT: High price of EpiPen spurs consumers, EMT's to resort to syringes for allergic reaction


HuffPo: Sarah Jessica Parker ends her Mylan partnership over EpiPen price hike

This is what it is.  It's price gouging.  I love our capitalist system.  This is not capitalism.  They have a monopoly and they are price gouging.  But please believe me when I tell that there is more to this.  Mylan is not the only culpable source here.  Insurance companies, pharmacies, and government itself all have a hand in the till.  But accountability has to start somewhere and right now it's with Mylan.  I really hope that the microscope stays on this and that it not only shines a light on the situation but all the questionable practices that permeate the the health care industry.

Information is coming in fast and hard at this point.  You can also follow this blog on Facebook and I will be sharing the information there too.

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