Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Cleveland Food Allergy Walk 2016

Yes, we walked again this year.  Well, at least most of us did.  Older Boy had a football scrimmage so Hubs took him to that and the rest of us went to the walk.  It was at a new location.  It was nice, but I did miss walking at the zoo.  We raised a few dollars thanks to generous friends and family, but most of all we supported Middle Man.  He really appreciates it and thanked me profusely for taking him.  He said he likes to know that he is not alone (and he really loves the Enjoy Life Foods samples.  I think that's truly his favorite part).  But that's why walk.  As a team we don't raise the most money, but we lavish love on Middle Man and show him how much we support him.  And that's why we'll walk for years to come.

To find a walk in your town go here

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