Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Back To School Time

Yesterday was Middle Man's first day of 7th grade.  First of all, how is this child in 7th grade?  Wasn't he just in preschool?

Second of all, I feel like I've got the food allergy back to school routine pretty down pat at this point.  He goes to Catholic school so the school is K-8 so he didn't actually change schools to go to junior high.  That made it super easy!  And his teacher from last year moved up a grade and he got her again this year (for home room, he will switch classes) so there is an added bonus.

We did get a new school nurse this year, so I met her on orientation day and we discussed his food allergies and asthma and all of his action plans.

I feel pretty good about sending him back.  I don't think any food allergy parent feels completely great sending their child off to the care of others, but I think I feel about as good as I can.

All of meds are packed and labeled.  All of our paperwork is filled out.  And our safe snack box is packed and ready for the classroom.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and food allergy safe school year!!

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