Monday, July 18, 2016

Reading Every Label, Every Time

Last Friday I went to a certain "Mart" for school supplies.  While there, I thought I'd pick up a few items, mostly pantry staples.  I had just stopped at the butcher and picked up our CSA box the day before, so I really needed "supplies" for meals and snacks for the kids.

One thing I needed was corn.  I usually purchase frozen corn, but the "Mart" was out of frozen corn except for it's store brand which is labeled "may contain wheat, eggs, and nuts".  So I went over to the canned food section to see if I could grab a can of corn.  It's going to be used in this slow cooker chicken taco recipe which is a family favorite.  Much to my dismay, I found this.

So I ended up at my regular grocery anyway to get my usual brand of frozen corn.  But this was just another reminder that it's really important to read every label, every time.

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