Thursday, July 14, 2016

Post Allergic Reaction (Originally posted 4/24/2014)

Thank you all for your kind comments and concern for Middle Man.

He is doing excellent and is fully recovered from his asthma/allergy hospital stay.

I hesitated to share the story because I knew that there would be judgement on how we handled all of this but it was minimal and mostly confined to Facebook.  I think in hindsight of these types of situations, we all wish we would have done things differently.  But I shared the story so that others can learn from the decisions that we made and from the mistakes the hospital made.

Middle Man has seen both his Allergist/Pulmonologist and his Pediatrician for follow ups and he is doing well.  The Allergist did switch one of his asthma medications but other than that we are keeping on the same action plan.  We just wish we knew what threw his asthma so out of control.  He has always been so controlled and this was a big shock.

The boys are on spring break this week and although we had a short trip planned, we cancelled all plans and are keeping things quiet and close to home.

Some things that have come out since we left the hospital:

1.  The gluten free kitchen was shut down as of last Tuesday.  They contaminated it by using the non gluten free product.  I'm hoping that it's still shut down...

2.  I asked the Allergist how a hospital doesn't have emergency epinephrine on the floor and he said that it has to be there.  He thought that it was probably on the crash cart and the Resident wasn't familiar enough with an emergency situation to call for the crash cart (but we don't know for sure that it was there but that's where it's usually kept).

3.  I asked if I should have overridden the medical staff and used my Auvi-Q.  No one wants to say yes or no because it's complicated.  There are a lot of things to consider then taking over your own medical care especially in a hospital setting. Giving too much epinephrine isn't going to hurt, but not giving it will.  Even though I could have caused some issues, in the future I would give it myself or give it to the Resident and make her use it.

Thank you again for all your concern and prayers.  We appreciate it!!

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